About us

Kingbetmedia is a publishing group, based in Greece, with over 15 years of experience in the production of gaming / gambling content.
Our properties are among the most popular in the market offering a variety of tools that every punter needs. We are dealing with betting tips, match stats / reviews, sports data, live scores, gaming operators reviews and much more in order to make the game as simple as it gets!
A team of over 50 professionals in different fields, contribute in reaching our goals. Content creation team, IT department, SEO & SEM specialists, Performance and Social Media Strategists, all working smoothly together to present the best offering available!
Kingbetmedia is now expanding in new markets and regions, starting from UK with four properties planning to keep up with others as well.
Stay tuned… find more details about our properties and how to contact us for reaching new deals.


Our Story

All started 15 years before, when we launched the most popular Greek betting info website in Greece, kingbet.net.

Throughout the years, the team behind KB developed great skills and expertise in online gaming, new properties were launched while acquisitions of existing sites expanded our network, helping us winning among competition in one of the most competitive markets of Europe.

New challenges are on our way… We are entering new markets with highly competitive properties which can generate quality leads through the power of SEO, PPC and social media promos.

We treat our partners with respect, building a network of honest and trusting relations with the operators.

Our Brands